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07/07/2019 Expiry Date 07/08/2019 Job Reference Number: 1272-2019-07-07T08:58:23
Environmental Analytical Laboratory Supervisor
Category Non Faculty Vacancies
College Departments
Department Rise - Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering
Job Purpose

The laboratory supervisor will be responsible for supervising and developing the environmental analytical laboratory, including maintaining equipment and supplies, conducting quality measurements, assisting with research projects, adhering to H&S requirements, and maintaining laboratory information up to date. The supervisor is responsible to receive samples from different origins and natures, design experimental and measurement plans, master environmental analytical methods, including measurement of physical, chemical and biological parameters – conventional and trace, and master use of equipment such as HPLC, GC and Mass spectroscopy, extraction procedures (Solid and liquid) in addition to the simple techniques situated at the quality assurance lab.

Main accountabilities & expectations

i.              Receives all chemicals, material, equipment and supplies from the venders and stocks them in the respective storage area.

ii.             Receiving and registering samples from different origins and nature and keep them in the proper storage conditions before starting the experimental plan.

iii.             Responsibility of all chemicals, samples, equipment and supplies as well as reference and working standards stored in the lab.
iv.             Conducts regular check on all chemicals, solvents, material, equipment and supplies stored under his responsibility to assure sound safeguard and proper protection.
v.               Follows up on the correct level of storage of all material, equipment and supplies stored under his responsibility to report on the items that reached their re-order and minimum level.
vi.             Reports on the needs of any supplies, chemicals, solvents, reference, working standards in lab equipment and supplies based on the frequent use.
vii.           Reports on any damages of any of the material, equipment and supplies under custody that takes place in the stores.

viii.          Contribution in any relevant work assigned to him by supervisor and institute director.

ix.             Conduct physical/chemical/biological of samples following standard procedures, and provide analytical report of the results on time.

Job Specific Accountabilities
Required Skills
Preferred Qualification & Experience
  • Bachelor (preferably Master) in Environmental analysis
  • Advanced Computer knowledge relevant to analytical methods
  • Five years related work experience in environmental analysis entities.
  • Recommendation letters from relevant supervisors, with contact details.

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)

  • Knowledge and experience in all environmental samples, handling, storage and analysis.
  • Research experience evidenced by relevant publications
  • Mastering all relevant instrumental techniques.
  • Mastering the development and validation of analytical method of analysis.
  • Mastering solid-phase and liquid-liquid extraction procedures.
  • Mastering analytical report preparation
Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Bachelor's degree/higher diploma
Relevant Experience 5 or more
Living In UAE Open for all
Job has been Closed