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Vacancy Announcement for Academic Coordinators (P.hD. holders) in the COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS AND DESIGN

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The University of Sharjah is pleased to announce the need for Academic Coordinators in the College of Fine Arts and Design for the academic year 2018/2019.




The Academic Coordinator reports directly to the Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Design and manages, provides guidance and coordinates all educational, research and teaching activities, consistent with the vision and objectives of the College and University.



  1. Teaching.
  2. Manage, coordinate and follow up on all academic and administrative aspects related to students in the respective programs, in cooperation with the College Dean.
  3. Convene and manage formal meetings as s/he views appropriate with members of the faculty and students and submit meeting outcomes and recommendations to the Dean.
  4. Actively contribute to the College Council as one of its members.
  5. Prepare a statement on program needs and submit it to the Dean at the appropriate time for his/her consideration when preparing the annual budget.
  6. Manage, coordinate and follow up on faculty members implementing their job duties in providing educational services and evaluate courses and academic programs in cooperation with the Dean of the College.
  7. Maintain records on program activities and relevant University records and supervise their use in accordance with the policies and regulations in effect.
  8. Recommend the distribution of the teaching load among faculty members for presentation to the College Council.
  9. Assign students to academic advisors and follow up on the progress of students, according to their study plans.
  10. Prepare all relevant program reports as requested by the Deanship or University Administration.
  11. Prepare documents on the quality of the educational process for academic accreditation.
  12. Oversee the preparation of program plans for assessment and evaluation of courses, consistent with the program study plans in terms of objectives, outcomes and means of implementation.
  13. Submit a full report at the end of each academic year on the educational and academic aspects of programs and faculty activities in research, publishing research and community service for presentation to the College Council.
  14. Any other matters as assigned by the College Dean.


  • PhD in the required specialization from a local or international reputable university.
  • Record of distinction in teaching, research and community service.
  • Experience in an administrative position, preferably as a department head or coordinator or program coordinator at a reputable university for a period of no less than two years.
  • Familiarity with the credit-hour system.
  • Proficiency in the use of information technology in the educational process.
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English writing and speaking.
  • Strong communication skills.



    If you possess the required experience and qualifications, please send your CV and cover letter, together with the names of three references (including current or most recent employer), to the email address corresponding to the position matching your qualifications below:

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