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02/06/2018 706-2016-09-01T13:16:15
Assistant \ Associate or Professor of Pathology .
Category Faculty Members College of Medicine
College Medicine
Department Department Of Clinical Sciences
Job Purpose

The job include teaching under- and post-graduate students, research and administrative activities

Main accountabilities & expectations

  1. Teach medical Pathology to undergraduate students of medicine and dentistry
  2. Develop pathology curriculum
  3. Facilitate problem based learning
  4. Coordinate units in problem based curriculum
  5. Develop problems and mini-problems in problem based learning curriculum
  6. Prepare assessments for student evaluation
  7. Supervise undergraduate research projects
  8. Write grants, plan, participate and contribute in research
  9. Serve various committees in the college and university
  10. Contribute to the clinical services of the university affiliated hospitals
  11. Fulfill institutional expectations of teaching, service, advising, and research  
Job Specific Accountabilities Not Applicable for now
Required Skills Not Applicable for now
Preferred Qualification & Experience

  1. Demonstrated excellence in teaching healthcare students
  2. Deal with heterogeneous pool of medical students
  3. Development of collaborative research projects
  4. Demonstrated service to department, college, university and community
  5. PhD (   or equivalent ) in Pathology .
Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)


Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Full professor doctor
Relevant Experience 3 or more
Living In UAE Open for all

Job has been Closed
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