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07/02/2018 896-2017-08-30T10:21:46
System Management Specialist
Category Non Faculty Vacancies
College Departments
Department Disability Resource Center
Job Purpose
  • Providing specialized technical and technological support for people with disabilities as regards compensatory support programs and technologies related to the implementation of educational, training and professional plans and programs; and identifying the needs and areas of development of the center and attending to them.
  • Empowering people with disabilities and supporting them to obtain the information and educational resources they need, be self-dependent and obtain necessary facilities and support technologies that enable them to attain independence and equality in all aspects of university life.

Main accountabilities & expectations
  1. Transfer of texts, research articles, lectures, charts, and all that is relevant to curricula into programs and format appropriate to the type of disability (Screen Reader, Braille, voice programs, text programs, etc.)
  2. Training to transfer the books into appropriate format using the most recent relevant programs.
  3. Helping people with disabilities to have access to different sources of information and use them.
  4. Performing all types of technical and technological support for all the technologies at the resource room of the Center such as regular maintenance for the software and PC's, upgrading downloading and maintaining support programs and providing full technical support for people with disabilities and also for the specialists who deal with them.
  5. Performing photocopying, loaning materials and follow-up the return of materials loaned out of the resource room.
  6. Enabling people with disabilities to use state-of-art support technologies and programs through encouragement, assistance and training.
  7. Implementing of training, instructional and awareness plans and programs regarding the support programs and technologies; and providing a brief about new support technologies arriving at the resource room.
  8. Continuously seeking the best practices and the most recent support technologies for all types of disabilities. Proposing the support of such technologies and receiving and providing training on these.
  9. Provide consultation and clarifications for the University community regarding the challenges facing the students and the benefits of using the supporting technologies dedicated for people with disabilities
  10. Providing regular statistics and reports about the adequacy, suitability and use of the technologies and programs. Carrying out a study to determine the extent of people with disabilities' need of support technologies; and stating the specifications of such technologies.
  11. Design, follow-up and continuous update of the Center's website and database as required.
  12. Take part, as a member in a team, in preparing the strategic plan of the Center
  13. Observing the professional standards applied at the University and the Center.
  14. Safeguarding the confidentiality of work and adhering to the applicable bylaws and regulations.
  15. Safeguarding the properties of the Center.
  16. Performing any other duties as assigned by the center's director/ the line manager within the scope of their authorities and for the public interest.

Job Specific Accountabilities
Required Skills
  1. High standard skills in computer applications.
  2. Ability to deal with people from different cultures and to work both as a team leader and member
  3. Ability to individually estimate and identify people with disabilities' needs such as carrying out maintenance for PC's, software upgrade or any other technical interference might be required
  4. Ability to work independently and as a team member
  5. Ability to assume responsibility and work under pressure
  6. Distinguished communication skills in spoken and written Arabic and English languages
Preferred Qualification & Experience

  1. Priority for UAE Nationals (Female).
  2. Bachelor degree in computer engineering or sciences. Master degree is preferred.
  3. Certificates in computer use.
  4. Six years of experience in dealing with support technologies
Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)


Job Criteria
Gender Female
Qualification Bachelor's degree/higher diploma
Relevant Experience 1 or more
Living In UAE Open for all

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