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The University of Sharjah is an independent institution with more than 15,300 students and over 650 full-time faculty members. The University of Sharjah is considered one of the leading institutions of higher education in the Arab Gulf region and Middle East. It offers academic programs in a number of specializations, including arts, humanities and social sciences, the medical specialties, health sciences, engineering, applied sciences, business administration, communication, law, sharia and Islamic studies, and fine arts and design, and Computing And Informatics.


The University offers a prime location and state-of-the-art facilities where it is located in Sharjah University City, close to Sharjah City Center and the pristine coastal areas of Sharjah and the Emirates of Dubai and Ajman.


The University of Sharjah attracts outstanding students from the UAE, GCC countries and a number of other Arab and foreign countries.


The College of Dental Medicine is located on the main campus at the University of Sharjah within the Sharjah Medical Excellence Cluster (SMEC) alongside the College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, University Hospital – Sharjah (UHS), University Dental Hospital – Sharjah (UHDS) and other medical and research centers.  This diverse setting provides students and faculty in the College a multi-professional educational environment and numerous educational and training opportunities.


The College of Dental Medicine began in year 2004 and offers a six-year program, which begins with a foundation year. With an intake of 100 students annually, the College embraces an integrated and problem-based educational philosophy and utilizes a blend between traditional and modern teaching-learning approaches that place a great deal of emphasis on the out-come competencies of its graduates. The College curriculum introduces clinical experience at an early phase of the program and emphasizes a holistic approach to patient care. Students in the College receive training at University Dental Hospital – Sharjah (UDHS), which is an ultra-modern facility with state-of-the-art dental and biomedical technology to support multidisciplinary world-class dental services under one roof. The first class of dental students graduated in the year 2011 and the College has quickly gained international acclaim for its one year internship program, which enables the newly graduated dentists to apply for license from Ministry of Health. Early in 2021-2022, the College obtained the initial accreditation for four Master Programs in different dental specialties and accepted the first batch of post-graduate students.


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Scope of Work

The Dean of the College of Dental Medicine reports directly to the Vice Chancellor of the Medical Colleges and College of Health Sciences. He/she directs, administers, and coordinates all research and educational and training activities as well as clinical services related to the College and UDHS. He/she develops strategic directions for the College and UDHS in cooperation with the faculty, creates and furthers the initiatives of the College, and integrates the activities of UHDS within the socio-cultural framework to serve the oral health needs of the UAE and region.



The Dean of the College of Dental Medicine shall have strong leadership and management skills to lead the integrated management and administration of the College and UDHS to achieve their educational, research and community mission. This is achieved through:

  • Creating and maintaining a strong academic and professional network outside the College to facilitate education, training, research and community services.
  • Establishing and supervising the implementation of strategic directions, goals, objectives and policies in relation to education and research within the College and College departments and that of UHDS.
  • Representing the University in the oral health field through various forums outside the University.
  • Recommending and supervising the development and implementation of the annual budgets for the College and UHDS and performing periodic productivity and effectiveness analyses.
  • Developing and maintaining a network of adjunct professors and visiting academics and professionals to support the College in research and educational activities.
  • Recommending and participating in the development of University policies and procedures.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of dental education delivered based on contemporary global requirements, and providing students with appropriate environment for creativity and research.
  • Ensuring the highest standards of patient-care services delivered based on contemporary safety standards and care.
  • Mentoring faculty and staff and engaging them in effective and successful teamwork and support their professional career which will enhance their devotion to the College and University.
  • Fostering and creating continuous professional development programs relevant to the region's needs and support research activity in the College.



    The ideal candidate shall be a proven academic and professional leader with a solid record of teaching and demonstrated scholarly endeavor of international reach. The candidate must show evidence of active and consistent contributions to his/her field through publications in internationally recognized and peer-reviewed journals and through participation at exhibitions, conferences and other forums, in addition to possessing the following degree qualifications and professional background: 
  • A terminal academic degree and terminal professional qualification (equivalent to Board Certification or that of the Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons or other internationally recognized professional colleges) and the rank of full professor in one of the College's disciplines.
  • Experience in a senior academic leadership position as a dean or director of a program at a reputable university and wide knowledge and direct involvement in higher education accreditation standards.
  • Significant experience in dental education and a sound understanding of integrated and problem-based teaching methods, learning through discovery, student-centered and self-directed learning and theme-based dental teaching of modules/streams.
  • Experience in a senior clinical management position as a clinical director in a dental hospital or dental center, understanding of ethics and medical laws and wide knowledge and direct involvement in the hospital accreditation process, particularly related to North American hospital accreditation standards.
  • A proven record of commitment to social engagement as well as significant experience in faculty/staff development and evaluation.
  • Knowledge of human resources and management and financial concepts, practices, policies, and procedures.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
  • Experience in communication with universities, professional institutes, medical associations, business administration networks and establishments and other institutions fostering education, research and patient care.
  • A full command of spoken and written English and preferably Arabic.
  • Experience with both the credit-hour system and the annual academic program system.
  • A clear vision for the development of higher education, in general, and the College in particular.


    The University of Sharjah offers a competitive tax-free salary and an excellent benefits package. For more details on salaries and benefits, please visit our website at: http//



    Interested candidates possessing the required experience and qualifications are invited to apply the following form. Please include with your CV the names, phone numbers and email addresses of at least four professional references.



    Or by postal mail to:


    Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

    University of Sharjah

    P.O. Box 27272

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