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Job Details
Posting Date
08/Nov/2018 Expiry Date 09/Dec/2018 Job Reference Number: 1174-2018-11-08T11:22:49
Clinical Tutor
CATEGORY Non Faculty Vacancies
College College of Dental Medicine
Department Office Dental Medicine
Job Purpose

Tutoring undergraduate dental students in their preclinical and clinical activities as well as providing dental care through the Mobile Dental Clinic.

Main accountabilities & expectations
  1. Teach and supervise undergraduate students in preclinical and clinical sessions in all the clinical disciplines.


  1. Teach, supervise and evaluate interns at the University Dental Hospital Sharjah during the academic year and including the Summer (June, July and August)


  1. Provide dental care to patients, in the Mobile Dental Clinic, and supervise assigned interns and students.



  1. Complete unfinished clinical cases treated by undergraduate students throughout the academic year.


  1. Provide assistance during examination periods, e.g. invigilation, preparation for OSCE and oral exams.


  1. Serve in the different college committees.


  1. Coordinate weekly academic & clinical schedules of the BDS program.



  1. Support students social activities at the College of Dental Medicine


  1. Participate in outreach programs organized by the College of Dental Medicine.


  1. Attend continuing education seminars and workshops.


  1. As general practitioners, clinical tutors can also provide dental services at the Centre of Excellence at University Dental Hospital Sharjah.

Required Skills
Desirable Requirements

Bachelor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Surgery. Minimum five years' teaching experience in preclinical and clinical dentistry.

Licensed by MOH as dental practitioner

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)
Job Criteria
Qualifications Bachelor's degree/higher diploma
Relevant Experience
Living In UAE Open for all