Job Details
Posting Date
18/08/2020 Expiry Date 19/09/2020 Job Reference Number: 1469-2020-08-18T10:03:02
X-ray technician
Category Non Faculty Vacancies
College Departments
Department Office of Vice Chancellor For Medical & Health  Sciences
Job Purpose

Should be capable of handling the basic principles of ionizing radiation.

Main accountabilities & expectations
  • process of X-ray production
  • components of the X-ray machine (conventional and digital)
  • principles of X-ray films (intra and extra oral)
  • principles of film processing (automatic and manual)
  • Should have knowledge of the biological effects of ionizing radiation
  • Should be capable of handling radiation safety and protection measures, this includes:
  • leading
  • distance
  • age considerations

1-      Should be capable of taking intra and extra oral radiographs, this includes:

  1. Intra oral
  • peripical films
  • intra oral bite-wing films
  • intra oral occlusal films
  • localization techniques
  1. Extra oral
  • OPG
  • posterior-anterior projection
  • Water's view
  • Reverse Towns
  • lateral oblique
  • cephalometric lateral skull
  • TMJ views
  • sialographs

2-      Should be capable of handling of infection control measures, this includes:

  • sterilization techniques
  • infection control measures taken during exposing films on the patient (intra and extra oral radiographs)
  • infection control measures that are taken in the in the dark room.

3-      Should be capable of handling patients of special considerations, including:

  • children
  • handicapped patients
  • physically and mentally impaired patients

4-      Should be capable of handling and interpreting intra and extra oral radiographs.

5-      Should be capable of handling of:

  • mounting of radiographs
  • file/record keeping
  • film labeling 

Job Specific Accountabilities --
Required Skills
Good manual dexterity and art talent
Preferred Qualification & Experience

Diploma in dental technology plus 10 years of experience

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)

Behavioral CompetencyDescription
Integrity & Respect
  • Respect all the role and instruction that set by the UDHS&UOS
  • Adapt to new conditions and new job requirements also
  • Team work is my best skill as I have been working as a part of team in my whole career is quite easy for me to communicate with different ethnic group with different age such as colleague and students
  • Organize my work is one of my strongest skill
Conflict Management
  • Problem solving and discussion is always the way to avoid conflict
Accountability & Accuracy
  • Time management and accuracy is highly important to succeed and produce high quality work

Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Certification/diploma
Relevant Experience 10 and more
Living In UAE Open for all
Job has been Closed