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08/10/2020 Expiry Date 08/11/2020 Job Reference Number: 1480-2020-10-08T13:40:20
Research Assistant -Human Genetics and Stem Cells Research Group
Category Research
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Department Rise - Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering
Job Purpose

Research Assistant will be responsible for maintaining the tissue culture and Genetics laboratories for the Human Genetics and Stem Cells research group. The research assistant will order materials on the request of the members of the group. The research assistant should be expert in the DNA extraction, real-time PCR, Genotyping, Sequencing, Blast analysis, RNA extraction, NGS, protein extraction, quantification, western blot technique and immunofluorescence, Tissue culture techniques such as Stem cells growth and differentiation, media preparation for the stem cells and cryopreservation of the stem cells.

Main accountabilities & expectations

The research assistant will

i.            maintain the tissue culture and general laboratories in workable condition

ii.             be able to extract DNA and RNA from stem cells, saliva and blood
iii.           be able to grow stem cells and differentiate the stem cells into other cell types

iv.           be able to conduct regular check on all material, equipment and supplies

v.             be able to perform protein extraction, quantification, western blot technique and immunofluorescence

vi.           be competent to perform real-time PCR amplification and purification of DNA

vii.          have knowledge to analyze NGS data.

viii.        be willing to learn and then perform DNA sequencing using Sanger sequencer
ix.           be able to order the consumables for the tissue culture and general laboratories.  
x.             be able to report on any damages of any of the material, equipment and any incident in the laboratories
xi.           be willing to contribute to any additional work assigned by his coordinator or and other PI of the group.
Job Specific Accountabilities --
Required Skills
Preferred Qualification & Experience

MSc or PhD in molecular genetics and cell biology or related disciplines.

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)
        1. Computer knowledge: MS Word & Excel.
        2. Knowledge and experience in multiple areas of relevant research.
        3. Two years work experience in conducting relevant research.
        4. Fluent in written and spoken English.
        5. Graduate from a reputable university.
        6. Proven record in publishing research outcomes in journals and conferences.

Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Master's degree
Relevant Experience 2 or more
Living In UAE Open for all