Job Details
Posting Date
04/02/2021 Expiry Date 04/03/2021 Job Reference Number: 1577-2021-02-04T12:20:12
Category Non Faculty Vacancies
College Medicine
Department Family and Community Medicine and Behavioral Sciences
Job Purpose

Clinical tutor is employed to:

  • Assist and support the students' clinical training under the guidance of the faculty members teaching the course.

Main accountabilities & expectations
    • To attend departmental and committee meetings as required.
    • To monitor student professional behavior, attendance and conduct and provide feedback to the faculty in charge.
    • To perform other duties -including administrative work- as deemed necessary by the department Chair/ Dean.

      Other duties related to clinical training include:
  1. Monitor and document attendance of all students in hospital training sessions through your actual physical presence of all rotation sessions and different teaching activities in different specialties.
  2. Coordinate the clinical teaching and different educational sessions for students with the adjunct faculty in the hospitals.
  3. Arrange backup and replacement for absent adjunct faculty and fill in for anytime students have no teaching. You may fill in and give students clinical tasks to occupy the available time.
  4. Solve any problems that may face the students during their training in hospitals
  5. Report any unsolved problems to the faculty-clerkship coordinator.
  6. Collect the payment forms from adjunct faculty, review them, and get them signed by the hospital coordinator (head of department) and sign them for your agreement with the teaching hours written in the form. If there is a discrepancy, then check with the adjunct faculty and the hospital coordinator (head of department) to amend it. Then hand the filled forms to the Admin assistant in college of medicine. This will continue until this process becomes online.
  7. Collect all Evaluation forms and bring to the Admin assistant in the college of medicine.
  8. Help with all Examinations include written, OSCE and DOCEE.
  9. Help with the Adjunct Faculty Development Program Sessions.
  10. Assist students to use the portfolio uploading and nature of contents required.
  11. Evaluate assigned portfolios on weekly basis
  12. Collect results of DOCEE & Evaluations for all rotations on the last day of the rotation.
  13. Monitor students' training and adjunct faculty performance and report it to the chairman of CSD.
  14. Participate in Orientation of students during their first day in a rotation.
  15. Attend all work meetings with the Chairman.
  16. Participate in the CBD sessions as required.

Job Specific Accountabilities
Required Skills
Preferred Qualification & Experience

  • MBBS with 3 years of experience in the appropriate field

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)

  • Good communication skills (oral & written).
  • Able to work independently according to the specified duties and responsibilities.
  • Able to work within a team.
  • Able to work under pressure and for extended hours, if needed.
  • Good reading / writing / speaking English, as an additional language.
  • Good IT skills

Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Master's degree
Relevant Experience 3 or more
Living In UAE Open for all
Job has been Closed