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15/03/2021 Expiry Date 15/04/2021 Job Reference Number: 1620-2021-03-15T14:39:11
Laboratory Officer
Category Research
College Departments
Department Rise - Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering
Job Purpose

The Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering (RISE) is seeking a full time laboratory Officer in the area of  Desalination and Water Treatment.

Main accountabilities & expectations

  • Follow up all matters related to the Desalination and water treatment activates carried at the University of Sharjah.
  • Assist in conducting the experiments for water desalination and water treatment applications.
  • Assist in collecting and analyzing the experimental data.
  • Assist in writing technical reports of experiments.
  • Assist in design and fabricate the desalination and water treatment equipment.
  • Perform the water quality testing.
  • Maintain communication with suppliers and different UoS departments.
  • Prepare experiment manuals.
  • Prepare lab safety plans.
  • Contribute to preparing orders and receive the equipment, software, required materials for conducting experiments and new experiment units required for lab.
  • Ensure the right installation of the equipment and experiment units during commissioning and make sure that the experimental units are run properly after installation.
  • Prepare maintenance schedule for the equipment and software.
  • Maintain and improve the location in the lab for experiments and research work.
  • Experience in experimental sciences and passionate interest in water treatment, desalination science and technology.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining scientific collaboration with concerned local, regional and international organizations.
  • Assist in preparing technical, educational and publicity material related to the field.
  • Keep up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments and present research results at scientific gatherings.
  • Help with the department administrative work when needed.

Job Specific Accountabilities
Required Skills --
Preferred Qualification & Experience

  • MSc in an appropriate field.
  • The candidate should have experimental experience in water desalination and treatment.
  • The candidate should have intensive hands-on expertise with membrane based technologies for desalination and water treatment.
  • Excellent record of research publications, presentation and communication skills.
  • Experience in development and testing of prototypes for desalination technologies.
  • Experience with the mitigation of fouling phenomena and/or management of desalination concentrate is a plus.
  • Should be familiar with the functioning of seawater, brackish and waste water treatment plants
  • Experience in development and testing of prototypes for desalination technologies.
  • Positive assessments from at least two referees.

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)

  1. Research experience.
  2. Good communication and English writing skills
  3. Fluency in English language

Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Bachelor's degree/higher diploma
Relevant Experience 2 or more
Living In UAE Open for all