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11/10/2021 Expiry Date 11/11/2021 Job Reference Number: 1713-2021-10-11T11:33:24
Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry
Category Faculty Members College of Sciences
College Sciences
Department Chemisty
Job Purpose

At the department of Chemistry, graduate and undergraduate and research educational activities related to public, health, environmental, industrial, pharmaceutical and academic are carried out. Approximately 15 faculty member from diverse nations are currently working at the department. The department combines the state-of-the-art equipment with broad knowledge of academic and research areas in different branches of chemistry and chemistry related areas.


One important goal of the department of chemistry is to develop methods in organic chemistry area. Multistep synthesis of natural and biologically relevant compounds. In this regards we are looking for an  Assistant Professor in Organic chemistry-multi step synthesis.

Main accountabilities & expectations

We are looking for an outstanding assistant professor in multi-step synthesis-organic chemistry. In addition to maintaining an independent research track, the duty of teaching to both undergraduate and graduate students is an important task of the faculty.

  1. Teach theoretical and practical courses in the field at the graduate and undergraduate levels
  2. Conduct high quality research work in the area
  3. Recruit external and internal research funds
  4. Provide academic and professional Advising to students
  5. Contribute to curriculum and program development
  6. Contribute in the academic assessment processes
  7. Contribute to community services

Job Specific Accountabilities --
Required Skills --
Preferred Qualification & Experience

Ph. D in Organic chemistry from a Western University (US/Canada/ Europe/Japan) with a good track publication record in a top journals.

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)

  1. At least 2 years of teaching experience as assistant professor.
  2. Postdoctoral research experience is an excess.
  3. Proven record of synthetic organic chemistry (multi step synthesis)
  4. Experience in modern synthetic organic chemistry (diversity, solid phase,…..).
  5. Professionalism in spectroscopic identification of organic compounds. 

Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Phd
Relevant Experience 2 or more
Living In UAE Open for all