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Vice Dean
CATEGORY Faculty Members College of Medicine
College Medicine
Department Office of Medicine
Job Purpose

Vice Dean at the College of Medicine.

To participate in the curriculum management and innovation in the college , as the administrator with primary responsibility for the entire College, the Executive

Associate Dean serves as the CEO and College representative in the absence of the Dean.

Main accountabilities & expectations

The Vice Dean serves at the discretion of the Dean and carry out the responsibilities

of the college, but not restricted to:

  • Assistant the Dean in acting the college affairs.
  • Help the Dean to run the college
  • Deal with students problems
  • Supervise admin staff in the Associate the dean
  • Involved in teaching Medicine clinical.
  • Act and helpful the Dean in the absent  
  • Supervises the Office of Development, Student and Professional Affairs,

    Academic Affairs and the Business Office.
  • To maintain records and prepare reports in accord with University procedures.
  • Teaching obligations to be assigned.
  • Providing leadership to all faculty and staff appointed to the College.
  • Provide oversight of curriculum development and delivery.
  • Provide oversight of accreditation and adherence to accreditation standards.
  • Recommending academic appointment and recruitment of faculty, composed of members
  • from the departments.
  • Providing opportunity for and assisting each member of the faculty to achieve their optimal
  • professional development in teaching, scholarly activity, and professional service.
  • Reviewing the College pool of applicants for promotion and formulate recommendations for
  • academic promotion to the Faculty Academic Rank and Promotion Committee in the College.
  • Providing mid-term promotion review and support to faculty planning to apply for
  • promotion.
  • Managing the College budget as directed by the Dean in accordance with CNUCOM policies.
  • Seek the advice of faculty colleagues and COM administrators in a systematic way, and to
  • provide for the conduct of College affairs in an orderly fashion through department meetings
  • and the appointment of appropriate committees.
  • The appointee should be receptive to questions, complaints, and suggestions from members of
  • the College, and from students, and should take appropriate action on them.

Required Skills --
Desirable Requirements

  • PhD in Medical or Health Profession Education
  • Substantial track record of research in Medical/Health Profession Education
  • Bachelor in Medicine will be an added value
  • 2. Must have credentials commensurate with appointment as a full professor or full clinical
  • professor in the College of Medicine.
  • 3. Must have a philosophy of collaboration and teamwork in interactions within and across
  • departments and disciplines.
  • 4. Demonstrated experience within the context of accreditation in providing leadership and

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)
Job Criteria
Qualifications Phd
Relevant Experience
Living In UAE Open for all