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Posting Date
15/11/2021 Expiry Date 15/12/2021 Job Reference Number: 1763-2021-11-15T09:07:10
Post-doctoral research associate in nutrition and food science
Category Research
College Departments
Department Sharjah Institute for Medical Research
Job Purpose

  • The Sharjah Institute for Medical Research (SIMR) is currently offering an exciting opportunity for a post-doctoral research associate position in the Nutrition and Food Research Group. We are looking to appoint a suitable experienced candidate in Human Nutrition research for one year.
  • The appointed candidate will work in a multidisciplinary research group including nutrition and food science.
  • The appointed candidate will support and coordinate the ongoing research projects as required and coordinated by the research group coordinator.

Main accountabilities & expectations

The responsibilities of the post-doctoral research associate will include and will not be limited to:

  1. Manage the day-to day running of the NFRG activities
  2. Collaborate and work effectively with faculty, staff, and research group coordinator to ensure the timely delivery of key project milestones and high-quality research output.
  3. Work with the NFRG members to develop and disseminate original research that supports the group's research agenda
  4. Prepare drafts of research ethical approvals
  5. Prepare drafts of research plans for grant applications
  6. Contribute and oversee field surveys and data collection
  7. Develop, modify and update data collection tools and software for different projects.
  8. Lead on the data management and cleaning of datasets.
  9. Analyze both primary and secondary data under faculty supervision.
  10. Produce statistical outputs, tables, and visualizations of findings.
  11. Develop and deliver both written and visual outputs that are appropriate for different stakeholders.
  12. Write scientific reports and manuscripts 

Job Specific Accountabilities
Required Skills --
Preferred Qualification & Experience

The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition or a closely related field with at least 2 years of independent research experience. 

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)

  1. Expertise in multi-level and integrated statistical data analysis and data management.
  2. Proficient with statistical software such as SPSS/SAS/STATA.
  3. Skillful with dietary and anthropometric assessment techniques and use of software such as ESHA/NutriBase.
  4. Good publication record in peer-reviewed international scientific journals.
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  6. Excellent organizational, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.
  7. Ability to work pro-actively and independently.

Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Phd
Relevant Experience 2 or more
Living In UAE Open for all