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30/Nov/2022 Expiry Date 23/Apr/2023 Job Reference Number: 2024-2022-11-30T14:41:29
Assistant \ Associate \ Professor - Criminal Law
CATEGORY Faculty Members College of Law
College Law
Department Public Law Department
Job Purpose

The College of Law at The University of Sharjah (UOS) in the United Arab Emirates seeks candidates for full time faculty positions (open rank) to begin in the academic year 2023-2024.  The College of Law at the University of Sharjah offers Bachelors of Law, Master and PhD in both Public and Private Law in Arabic.  The College also offers Masters of Law in Air and Space Law in English.  Starting Fall 2023, the College is going to offer Bachelors of Law in English. The candidates would teach in the English and Arabic degree programs. 
The United Arab Emirates is an international crossroad where the law reflects the civil, common and Sharia Law.  The College of Law prepares its graduates to work in a multi-disciplinary environment, in particular; it trains students to understand the diverse legal systems that inform Emirati law and govern the complex events and transactions in which The UAE and its global partners engage. 

The College of Law is the host for the Center of Francophonie Law, active participant in interdisciplinary programs with other colleges at UOS and with local and international partners.  

Main accountabilities & expectations

- Teach assigned classes and to achieve the learning outcomes specified by the program.
- Develop new courses for the current offering and potential new degree programs.
- Actively participate in the intellectual life of a talented, vibrant and unique legal community. 
- Be active in securing funding to support his/her research program.
- Publish in Scopus-indexed internationally peer-reviewed journals.
- Contribute to the promotion of research link/collaboration between UoS and international institutions.
- Be active and engaging in the University and Emirati community.
- Supervise graduate students' theses and dissertations.
-Advise undergraduate and graduate students on academic and career matters.  
- Provide academic and expert service to the department including but not limited to the preparation or completion of academic accreditation.
- Deliver stimulating learning experience to students in lectures and in delivering seminars and workshops in the specialty area.

- Completion of all the tasks assigned to him.

Required Skills -
Desirable Requirements

PhD or equivalent (e.g. SJD) in Criminal Law or relevant area. 

Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)
Job Criteria
Qualifications Phd
Relevant Experience
Living In UAE Open for all