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Dean of the College of Law

The University of Sharjah is considered a leading institution of higher education in the Arab Gulf region and Middle East. It offers a number of academic programs in a vast array of specializations, including the arts, humanities and social sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences, engineering, applied sciences, business management, communication, law, Sharia and Islamic studies, and fine arts and design. It is endowed with a beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities of international standards and attaches the highest of importance to providing top education and the best possible university experience to its students.

As a part of the University’s vision, it offers comprehensive academic and research programs at the diploma, bachelor, master, and PhD levels, which attract distinguished students from across the UAE, the Arab Gulf countries, and a number of other countries.


The University of Sharjah is located in Sharjah University City amid a peaceful perennial desert environment. Students, faculty and administrative staff engage in a wide range of year-round recreational, cultural and social activities, both in the Emirate of Sharjah and throughout the Emirates since the University is located close to major cities and the beautiful coastlines of Sharjah, Dubai and Ajman.

The College of Law was established at the University of Sharjah in 2001, by decision of the Board of Trustees, after it had been a department within the College of Sharia and Law.  It includes the Department of Public Law and the Department of Private Law and has 38 faculty members. 

In addition to the Bachelor Degree in Law, the College offers two master’s degree programs (thesis track) in private law and public law as well as two PhD programs in private and public law.  The College has two branches, one in Khor Fakkan and a second in Kalba. Student numbers in the bachelor’s program now exceed 1,600 and there are 213 students in the two master’s programs as well as 47 students in the two Ph.D. programs.

The College of Law is distinguished for its high quality programs and outstanding faculty.
The University of Sharjah is currently seeking to appoint a candidate for the position of Dean of the College of Law, who will provide leadership at a critical stage of the College’s expansion of its research and academic programs. The new Dean is expected to join the College at the beginning of the academic year 2014/2015.

Candidates interested in the position are encouraged to apply early by sending their application as soon as possible.

For more information on the College of Law, its departments, and the conditions for applying, please visit the University’s website at:

Other Colleges at the University of Sharjah:
The University of Sharjah is an autonomous institution of higher education with an enrollment of 12,300 students and approximately 500 full-time faculty members. The University includes the following colleges: Sharia and Islamic Studies, Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering, Health Sciences, Communication, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Graduate Studies and Research, and the Community College.
Scope of Work
The Dean of College of Law is the first person in charge of all academic aspects related to the College and reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  The Dean assumes a leadership role in the College and administers, directs, and coordinates all training, teaching, and research activities engaged in by the College. The Dean also provides guidance for implementing the College’s strategic plan and ensures that the College’s activities coincide with the University’s mission and objectives within the socio-cultural framework of the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Gulf region.


The Dean is charged with the following:
 - Creating and sustaining a strong network outside the College with the aim of facilitating the process of education and training and research activities. 
 - Establishing strategic directives, aims and policies related to the educational process and research activities within the College, and all its departments, and overseeing the implementation of such.
- Representing the University in all matters related to the College at various conferences and symposia outside the University. 
- Proposing recommendations related to developing the annual budget for the College and implementing and overseeing these as well as conducting analysis of productivity and effectiveness on a regular basis.
- Creating a network of experts and visiting professors to support the educational and research activities of the College and its sustainability.
- Proposing recommendations related to developing University policies and procedures and participating in this process.
- Coordinating agreements with ministries and relevant bodies within the UAE and abroad.
- Possessing knowledge of human resources and management concepts as well as higher education practices, policies, and procedures.
- Proposing research projects relevant to the region and its development.
- Possessing excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural and diverse community.
- Possessing experience in communicating and networking with relevant institutions with the aim of promoting education and research.
- Being an expert in matters dealing with external institutions and organizations as well as international accreditation bodies.

The ideal candidate shall possess the following qualifications:
 - He should have a PhD from a recognized University. 
- The rank of professor in one of the College’s specializations.
- A record of excellence in teaching and research, appropriate to the rank of professor in one of the College’s specializations.
- Bi-lingual proficiency in English and Arabic conversation and writing.
- Leadership qualities and proven research background in one of the College’s specializations.
- A clear vision for developing higher education, in general, and for the College in particular.
- Distinguished managerial experience in the affairs of higher education, preferably at the level of a college dean in a reputable university.

  • Managerial experience and the skills necessary to launch pioneering projects.
  • Multi-cultural skills.
  • Active participation in reputable organizations.
  • Knowledge of the methods of evaluation and related matters.
  • Proven documentation of offering support for the achievements of teachers and students.
  • Understanding of the latest teaching methods, including the use of technology in the teaching process.
  • Demonstrating an interest in the humanities and a commitment to enriching the educational experience of students.

The University of Sharjah offers a competitive tax-free salary and an excellent benefits package. For more details on the position, salaries, and benefits, please visit our website at:  http// 


Interested candidates, possessing the required experience and qualifications, are invited to send their CV and cover letter, together with the names of three references (including current or most recent employer), to the below address. Applications may be submitted online or by postal mail to:


Postal Address: 
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
University of Sharjah
P.O. Box 27272 
Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

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