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03/10/2016 Expiry Date 03/11/2016 Job Reference Number: 718-2016-10-03T12:46:11
HPC System Administrator
Category Non Faculty Vacancies
College Departments
Department Rise - Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering
Job Purpose

This is a technical position that requires hands-on HPC cluster configuration experience, and a breadth of skills ranging from the integration of complex HPC clusters and application integration to on-site service and support. You will interact with and support some of the top engineering, research, academic, and IT professionals in University of Sharjah research community.

The HPC System Administrator will work to ensure that the facility is always running and available to researchers. His/Her responsibilities will include installing, upgrading, and maintaining software requested by researchers, help with computing time allocation, and the overall cloud management. He/She will be in charge of ordering hardware and software needed for the system and will help researchers with software procurement, installation, and running. He/She will work with the hardware and software vendors to secure support and upgrade in a timely fashion, and he/she will be available for extra training necessary for system enhancements.

Main accountabilities & expectations
  1. Install, configure Linux HPC and HA clusters.
  2. Testing and integrating third party applications in Linux HPC and HA clusters.
  3. Troubleshoot software/hardware/OS/application compatibility and configuration issues.
  4. Onsite installation, integration, and verification of customer systems.
  5. Maintain the overall HPC facility and ensures its availability all the time.
  6. Install and debug software, and help in purchasing hardware and software.
  7. Help with ongoing research projects by doing literature search.
  8. Write code and scripts needed by researchers and help them to run it.
  9. Help students with their research and access to HPC resources.
  10. Facilitate user's access to local and national computing resources.
  11. Provide help with data analysis and presentation of results.

Job Specific Accountabilities
Required Skills
Preferred Qualification & Experience

  1. A BSc in computer science/engineering or related technical fields with certification as a Linux/Unix system administrator.
  2. At least four years' experience working as a Linux/Unix system administrator.
  3. Fluency in one or more scientific computing languages.
  4. Fluency in one or more scripting languages.
  5. 4 years of hands-on experience with application of parallel programming technologies, application optimization in a Linux cluster environment, software installation in a variety of cluster environments, cluster set-up and configuration
  6. Good knowledge of computer hardware.
  7. Good network management skills, preferably with certification.
Job Location University of Sharjah (Main)


Job Criteria
Gender Male or Female
Qualification Bachelor's degree/higher diploma
Relevant Experience 4 or more
Living In UAE Open for all
Job has been Closed