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The University of Sharjah is a nonprofit independent institution of higher education. With its global vision and comprehensive research and academic programs at the diploma, bachelor and graduate studies (master's and PhD) levels, the University attracts over 15,300 distinguished students from more than 95 different nationalities. Over 651 full-time faculty members deliver quality education through its colleges of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Communication, Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Fine Arts and Design, Computing And Informatics College and College of Graduate Studies. The University is located just 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 10 minutes from Sharjah International Airport.


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The University of Sharjah is pleased to announce vacancy of the position of Dean of Student Affairs.


Scope of Work

The Dean of Student Affairs seeks to realize the vision, mission and objectives of the University of Sharjah through emphasizing students as the top priority and central to the process of education. The Deanship further strives to help students develop their personalities, competencies and abilities so that they may become responsible individuals and respond to future opportunities once they have met all of the graduation requirements. It further provides comprehensive services and organizes various cultural programs, activities and events.


The position of Dean of Student Affairs is considered a senior leadership position at the University and a highly significant post since students are viewed as the University's first priority.




  1. Supervising the administration of the departments and units affiliated with the Deanship of Men's Student Affairs, including: Department of Sports Activities, Unit of Social and Cultural Activities (cultural clubs, associations and Student Union), Department of Counseling, Department of Student Housing, and the University Studio. 
  2. Overseeing the affairs of students during their studies at the University (reception, housing, accommodations, etc.)
  3. Creating a vibrant university environment in which students may develop their talents and enjoy a rich learning experience.
  4. Providing moral support and professional counseling services to help students during their university studies.
  5. Providing various services, programs, activities and events, which give students the opportunity to express themselves and develop their personalities.
  6. Organizing activities and events so that students may be productive during their free time and gain a rich learning experience, learn to carry responsibilities, and deal positively with individuals from the community, both on and off campus.
  7. Providing attention to special needs students to help them with whatever they might need during their university experience.
  8. Any other matters as commissioned by the Chancellor.



    The ideal candidate is required to possess the following qualifications:
  1. A PhD (at the rank of at least associate professor) in one of the specializations offered by the University.
  2. Full proficiency in the English and Arabic languages (both speaking and writing).
  3. At least two (2) years in an administrative capacity, preferably working as a dean of student affairs at a reputable university for at least two years.
  4. Leadership ability to develop plans and strategies for the Deanship, in additions to significant administrative experience and the skills and the ability necessary to develop the Deanship and deal with various student personalities.
  5. A clear vision for developing the talents, capabilities and skills of students.




Job has been Closed